12 Weeks and Counting

img_4884With the Spring Show looming April 22-23, 2017, the countdown has started. Planning ahead ensures that plants are in peak condition just in time for judging. In her Growing to Show book Pauline Bartholomew has mapped out a plan.

Pauline says, “The grower walks a cultural tightrope in the months before a show; the methods used to increase growth and blossoming must be carefully balanced against the risk of spoiling symmetry by creating off-sized rows of leaves or burning or spotting sensitive foliage.”

Friday marks 12 weeks before the show. According to Pauline’s schedule, that means it is time to remove leaves. Re-pot; pot down if there are necks or pot up. if you choose to do it, foliar feed once in addition to regular fertilizing. Lights (in this case the timing is for T12s, adjust for other lights as needed) should be on twelve hours a day.

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